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This gift set includes: Southern Sass Shower Gel, Southern Sass Dry Oil Body Mist, and Linen Auto Spray.  Wicks Studio sents and products are all natural and crafted by sent artisan Dave Clark.

Southern Sass. Playful & Flirty, this fragrance of Wild Berry, Gardenia and Honeysuckle, is touched with Vanilla Praline and Amber. A celebration of all things South of the Mason Dixon.

Linen. Advanced odor neutralizing formula is the most innovative and effective product on the market. Unlike other sprays and deodorizers which simply mask the odor, Auto Scenters Technology encapsulated the malodors and renders them odorless. Allowing you to enjoy your clean fresh fragrance. Car Spray is derived from Soy Beans, Soya Morpholinium Ethosulfate is a deodorizing agent and is the key ingredient behind this effective formula. Car spray is not recomended for use on humans. 


Wick's Gift Basket: Southern Sass Set

SKU: 321101
  • Dwell Well makes it easy for you! We will have this product ready at your rental upon your arrival. 

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