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The Dwell Well Experience 

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Our Story 


I wanted to create a go-to site for vacation rentals, home redesign and remodeling. In addition to having some great places for you to stay, I can help you set up your new vacation rental or redesign an existing one! As a super host, I can advise you on how to create a “stand out” listing as well as remodel your property to function better for your guest. Our remodeling is not just limited to vacation rentals.  If your home needs some new life or could function better for your family, we can help.


Enjoy the Dwell Well experience!

Dwell Well was born out of a passion for hospitality and service. Hosting friends and family, even several weddings, in our home over the years helped me to discover both fervor and gifting in the areas of hospitality and service, as well as a dream to have vacation rentals. This 18-year dream led to our first purchase of a vacation rental bungalow, which further verified my passion. We renovated that cozy cottage and we have plans for more. That experience rekindled a passion for all things construction. Remodeling can be daunting for some, but I love it. When building our personal home as well as our rental properties, I truly enjoyed the process of coming up with the design and layout for each space, as well as the demo and remodeling work. I loved working alongside my carpenter and collaborating with my great group of subcontractors. Creating a well functioning and beautifully designed space for my family then led to remodeling and designing homes and rentals for friends and neighbors. 



We have the perfect space for you. Check out our different houses and book your stay. 


Whether you are looking to renovate for a vacation rental or remodel your own space we will help you bring your vision to life.


Looking for consultation for redesigning you vacation rental, we've got you! We can help make your home cozy, modern and competitive with rentals in your area! 

Meet the Team


Kim Richards

Designer, Contractor, and Super Host


Greg Richards

Board Certified Real-estate Lawyer 


Juvenal Lopez

Carpenter, Contractor, Craftsman

and Magician


Debbie Cade

Hospitality Team 


Luna Stowell

Hospitality Team 


Melanie Dawson

Hospitality Team 


Kim Banda

Hospitality Team

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